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A participatory process is a sequence of participatory activities (e.g. first filling out a survey, then making proposals, discussing them in face-to-face or virtual meetings, and finally prioritizing them) with the aim of defining and making a decision on a specific topic.

Examples of participatory processes are: a process of electing committee members (where candidatures are first presented, then debated and finally a candidacy is chosen), participatory budgets (where proposals are made, valued economically and voted on with the money available), a strategic planning process, the collaborative drafting of a regulation or norm, the design of an urban space or the production of a public policy plan.

Highlighted processes

Media picture: Ny barneskule i Sogndal

Ny barneskule i Sogndal

Det skal byggast ny 1-7 skule i Sogndal sentrum. Knytt til dette ynskjer ein å legge til rette for medverknad og innspel.

Arealplan for Sogndal kommune 2023-2033

Innspelsside for tidleg fase av arealplanprosessen

1 active process


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